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Are You Trying to Locate a Missing Loved One
Search and Find Has Had Wonderful Results

Locating Missing Loved Ones is Not Always Easy

  • Sometimes they don't want to be found.
  • Sometimes they don't realize that someone really does want to find them.
  • Search & Find is dedicated to service and speed in finding your loved one.
  • We work with your privacy in mind, as well as the privacy of the missing person.
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  • Locating someone is sometimes very time consuming, depending on the length of time the person has been missing. and if they are trying to keep from being found.
  • Although we use every resource known to us to locate your loved one, there is always the possibility they do not want to be found. If that be the case, we must respect their wishes and only give them your contact information, we will not be able to give you theirs.
  • We will give you personal service and will do our best to find your loved one.
  • We will keep you posted as to the progress we make once we start looking for your loved one.
  • We can't promise that we can find your loved one, but we can promise you that we will give it our best shot.

Bottom line, if you want to find someone, maybe we can help. We will be up front and honost with you about what we think the chances are as we go along.

Feel free to look around and come back as often as you like, as we post new information on a regular basus.

We would like to offer you the possibility of a reduced or free search for your story after a reunion with your loved one.

All fees collected are considered donations and are used to buy candles and rocking chairs for our annual events which are listed below.
"Rocking for Kids" - May 12
"Lighting Candles World Wide" - Dec. 18

Search & Find works in conjunction with Three Sides to Every Story, Inc.

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